Website and Application Systems Monitoring Made Easy & Affordable

Instantly Know About Any Failures That Happen on Your Website! A Powerful and Easy-To-Use Monitoring Software For Your Business.

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Pay as you go

Don’t overpay. Start with the essentials and easily add additional monitoring infrastructures and components as you require.

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Customizable dashboard

CloudManager’s customizable dashboard lets you investigate your most important alerts first. Add multiple attributes from different servers and clusters in one place.

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Configurable alerts

Configure your alerts to notify the right people about the problem, at the right time, before it affects your user. Real-time alerts available through Email, SMS, Push notifications and Web Hooks.

CloudManager Overview

We can explain how CloudManager helps your business become fail-proof, in under 5 minutes.

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Estimate your current Web Monitoring Needs



Monitors per services


Check every

3 Min

Estimated monthly cost AWS


As low as $1.00/host+ $0.000051 per check

Use our Monitoring Estimation Tool to find out just how much components and infrastructure you need. Enable or disable the monitors that are critical to you at any time and schedule their checking frequency to save even more.

300+ customers in 28 countries

SMBs, MSPs, Hosting Providers, ISVs, IT Consultants, and DIgital Agencies like

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Frequently Asked Questions

While running a business website or application, it’s only natural that a few things fail on occasion. What is important is to find these malfunctions before your users do and fix them on priority.

Website Monitor tools scan your website periodically and notifies you immediately when something goes wrong.

We are a trusted name in the world of website monitoring- Fail-proofing 300+ businesses from over 28 countries. Our plans are affordable and flexible enough to accommodate websites of all shapes and sizes. We have never missed to report a failure or sent out a wrong one.

Cloud Manager constantly improves with feedback- adding new features and upgrading our services to suit our customers.

Depending on the size of your website and its requirement, you can use our free Monitoring Estimation tool to find out how much you need to pay for web monitoring

Cloud Manager detects the following web failures:
  • Website unavailability and Connection timeout
  • Response time
  • Page load time
  • HTTP Errors
  • Problems with page content and forms
  • Process or full-page Malfunctions
  • Core web vitals