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At CloudManager, we take your security seriously and understand that it is a critical component of the trust you place in us. Our software and services are hosted and managed at world-class data centers across the world by a team of highly experienced engineers. They are subject to the same rigorous security controls and compliance coverage.

CloudManager's security strategy addresses all aspects of client security, including organizational, physical, infrastructure, operational, client, vendor, and customers. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of security possible, and our people, processes, and products reflect this commitment.

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Organizational security

CloudManager has implemented rigorous policies and procedures to safeguard customer data and confidentiality, thereby enhancing organizational security. Rigorous background verification checks are conducted on employees, and security awareness training is provided to them routinely. Dedicated teams are available to manage corporate security programs, and internal audits are conducted to ensure compliance with standards.

Physical and infrastructure security

CloudManager takes physical security seriously and restricts access to our company compound and facilities. Only authorized individuals are allowed in based on their specific purpose for entering. We also use CCTV cameras to monitor all entry and exit movements to keep an eye on who comes and goes.

To keep our data secure, we use firewalls to block any traffic we don't recognize, and we have separate networks to protect sensitive information. We also have a backup system to ensure that our network stays up and running, even if there's a problem. We use special technology to protect against malicious attacks that try to overload our network and cause disruptions. Finally, we have mechanisms in place to watch for any suspicious activities on our servers as well as clients.

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Data security

CloudManager takes data security seriously and has implemented robust measures to protect your data. This includes keeping your data separate from other customers' data and encrypting it using strong security protocols. We also follow strict guidelines when writing and reviewing our code and use special tools to scan for any potential security problems. Our security standards meet industry best practices to protect against common and severe threats, like hackers trying to steal your data. All connections to our service are also encrypted, and when your data is not in use, it is kept separate from the master keys to prevent unauthorized access.

Identity and Access Control

CloudManager takes steps to ensure that only authorized people can access our system. We use secured Single Sign-On (SSO) for authorized personnel and client. We use multi-factor authentication to double-check every login too.

We also ensure our employees can't just look at your data without a good reason. We give them the minimum amount of access they need to do their jobs, so there's less chance of anything going wrong. Our employees and administrators must sign in using strong passwords (MFA). Every interaction with the system is logged and monitored.

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Operational Security and Incident Management

CloudManager keeps an eye on what's going on in our system, including how people use it and how devices connect to it. We keep track of everything that happens and store this information securely so we can look back on it if we need to.

We have a team that's ready to jump in if there's any problem, and they'll let you know if anything happens that could affect you. Our remote teams will also fix the issue for you if you are unavailable. We also work hard to make sure the same problems don't happen again in the future. If anything goes wrong, we'll investigate it thoroughly and let you know what happened and what we're doing to fix it.

If you ever have a problem or see something suspicious other than the ones that CloudManager detects automatically, let us know right away. We take these things seriously and will do everything we can to help you.

Vendor and Customer Security Controls

CloudManager assesses and selects vendors based on their vendor management policy. We ensure that vendors follow the same confidentiality, availability, and integrity commitments made to customers and regularly review their security measures to ensure they are effective.

To ensure maximum security, customers can take some precautions themselves, such as using strong and unique passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, keeping their software updated, and being cautious while sharing data from the cloud environment.

You can also monitor their account activities and access, be aware of phishing and malware threats, and classify their information as personal or sensitive to better manage roles and privileges to their account. Following these measures, CloudManager customers can increase their security while using our services.

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